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MANCO is the vision of Raef Fadel, who founded the Liberia Bleach & Chemicals Company in 1969 and began producing CLORA™ Super Bleach. The company was renamed in 1981 and began adding other products to its roster. It is a proud family-owned business, with three generations of the Fadel family involved in the business, MANCO is an indelible part of the Caldwell community in which it operates. MANCO is committed to maintaining its base of operations in Monrovia, Liberia and to the over 200 Liberians employed in its factory. MANCO has remained operational through multiple coups and conflicts. During the recent outbreak of Ebola, MANCO partnered with the Government of Liberia and international organizations to provide the products desperately needed to stem the tide of infection and disease.

MANCO in the Community

Over the past 50 years, MANCO has been actively engaged in community outreach in Caldwell. The company and its founder have offered educational scholarship assistance to orphans, and youth in need and supported the development of churches and mosques all over Liberia.

Basketball has been a part of Liberian society and culture since the sport’s beginnings, and has served as a beloved pastime for Liberia’s youth, even in times of conflict. Since 2011, MANCO has been a proud sponsor of the Mighty Barrolle Basketball team, a Division 1 professional basketball team based in Monrovia. MANCO’s Senior Vice President Asaad R. Fadel, has served as the team’s head coach since 2011, and in 2014 helped the team bring home the league championship trophy.