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Know About Us

Mano Manufacturing Company (MANCO) is the largest manufacturer of household health and cleaning products in Liberia. MANCO prides itself in providing quality household care and cleaning products across West Africa. Our products are rigorously tested and conform to international standards.

MANCO manufactures over 60 health and household products, including, to name a few: CLORA Super Bleach, RED PACK Candles, WATERGUARD/SUR EAU, GREEN PALM Alcohol, MANOLINE Hair Pomade, POP Detergent Powder, and a variety of brands of Beauty & All-Purpose Soaps. Its on-site production of plastic bottles and caps gives the company added sense of independence, consistency and stability. Mano Manufacturing exports its products across West Africa and the Middle East, and in 1983, won the 9th International Africa Award for superior quality products.

ECOWAS Certified CLORA™ is the first product manufactured by MANCO and remains its flagship product. It is a bleach, disinfectant, cleaner and deodorizer. For decades, CLORA has been a critical tool in combatting health crisis in Liberia. UNICEF - Certified CLORA has been used time and time again to help eradicate outbreaks of cholera, typhoid and diarrhea in Liberia. The UNICEF in partnership with the Ministry of Health have found CLORA to be the symbol of contribution to a better Liberia through health, hygiene and wellness.